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Weak for shinny leggins

clock September 15, 2022 12:43 by author Shezel

 Feast your eyes on My perfection, I am coming to operate you like a puppet.   taking your money and taking your control.  I will make u spend on me so much today that you probably gonna suffer for me over the next few months. But you will still keep amusing me.  You are my pay pet. read more >>>

New way to send GIFTS

clock August 23, 2022 18:11 by author Shezel

What happens to you when you send me a gift ? Or when you just tributing me a nice amount of money? What does it all mean to you? Does it make u feel proud? Does it make u feel generous?
Now stop for a minute..   Breath in and think deeper.    Did you notice ur cock was twitching when u were thinking of me? Did u realize you got really excited?  Do you feel you want to send more now?  Your heart is beating and cock is pulsating with a thought...  Now you just want to  cum... Cum for me...  That's how excited you got.  And you feel it's going to be so intense and you just need to do it once again. Send More.

French Maid Fantasy

clock August 12, 2022 15:19 by author Shezel

I knew you are going on a business trip and will stay in the Sheraton hotel. It took me a minute to find out what room did u book, I wore a french maid outfit and pretended I work there. As soon as u saw me and looked in my eyes, all of sudden you felt weak and stupid, opened ur wallet and started throwing your money at Me. I came closer and took a wedding ring off ur finger. Another minute a big strapon appeared under my skirt, u bent over obediently and exposed ur ass to Me. I fucked it hard and now I have a recorded video of everything that happened in a hotel room. I still have your wedding ring. I own your marriage now. And you need to pay me a monthly fee to keep me happy. You do not want me to ruin your life, do you?

You love my Fetish outfits

clock July 15, 2022 23:54 by author Shezel

You love my Fetish shiny outfits.  Kneel down and look right up at Me as I have you controlled to the maximum effect.  You cannot take ur eyes off me as my glossy curves coax you in deeper and deeper.   Another move, my voice, my eye. ...Your mind, your body cock, and wallet belong to Me. I hijack your weak mind completely.  No more resistance.

Summer witch

clock May 28, 2022 20:48 by author Shezel

Just relax and look at me. My body is irresistible My eyes are mesmerizing. No males have resisted. All have succumbed to My  POWER and been consumed for eternity

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You r a slave

clock May 9, 2022 00:27 by author Shezel

Stop putting yourself through the constant failures and just embrace the inferior, domination craving, a beta slave that you know you are inside.



Latex addiction

clock January 11, 2022 11:38 by author Shezel

My new photoset is live. Login and explore your addiction to latex !

Improving urself

clock January 8, 2022 16:31 by author Shezel

Click there --

  and  find out how to improve yourself!

Goddess's Life

clock November 6, 2021 14:19 by author Shezel

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Teaching my young neighbor how to dominate

clock November 4, 2021 10:15 by author Shezel

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