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Vietnam - New Year's Eve

clock December 31, 2011 10:36 by author Shezel

Finally i am having a party in the open air restaurant. Music, tasty food, champagne, a good company and i want to wish everyone who is reading my blog , to all my friends,  my lovers and fans a Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true in coming 2012!
With love,


The day before New Year

clock December 31, 2011 10:27 by author Shezel

The day before New Year. After swimming pool i had an excursion to the Mount the reclining Buddha. I moved up with funicular passing jungle and then another 300 steps up and finally i I saw the 5-meter Buddha lying on top of a mountain. Awesome spectacle!! The i went down on the rocks to the cave where a holy monk lived and meditated for 49 days long. I actually felt some ureal energy coming from this holy place... On the way to my hotel i could not miss the spa and went to another saloon where a young beautiful vietnam woman done for me a fantastic foot massage.




Vietnam - Massage

clock December 29, 2011 13:07 by author Shezel

Another amazing day in Vietnam..  Had a photo shooting on the ocean shore and in the evening visited spa saloon where I had a 4 hands massage made by 2 sexy 18 y o boys... It felt so damn good to have those hands all over my body... I hope they did not notice my panties got all wet.Kiss


Before leaving home i visited  that spa saloon again and could not resist to make a picture with those handsome boys... They look so innocent.. how i  would love to seduce them both!


Vietnam - The white dunes

clock December 28, 2011 11:59 by author Shezel

Another day ended and lots of impressions again.. Beach, sun, swimming pool in the morning as usual , and then i took jip and went to the white dunes where there is amazingly beautiful lake of blooming lotuses.
Endless  white sand looked  like the desert,  and a little boy appeared from somewhere and offered me a four wheeled motorcycle for the fast  ride on the sand. I tried to ride it myself, but  i was not doing fine, so he said he could help and invited me to sit behind him. He was riding real fast, i was scared and screaming, but he just went faster. Lots of adrenaline !!!  Gave him some tips i went back to the city where i had a snake and fried grasshoppers for the dinner  (OMG  How did I eat that?)





















Vietnam, second day

clock December 27, 2011 12:50 by author Shezel

I finally got some sleep and the day was much brighter. In the morning i went to the swiming pool where i was enjoying the sun and warm water all day long. The ocean is 3 minutes away but it really looks dangerous, with very big and high waves, not as quite as in India, so i did not take a risk , but i might later.

In the evening i went to the city to see the sights and stoped in the nearest restaurant where i had a crocodile for the dinner. :D  Btw crocodile here is a local delicacy. According to zoologist crocodiles are never ill and their meat is very good for the health.
Going to sleep now, tomorrow is a new day, i am planning for some excursions and new impressions, which i am going to share with u!!

The road to Vietnam

clock December 26, 2011 11:31 by author Shezel

It's been long 5 hours at the airport, than 9 hours in the plane and other 7 hours in the buss....  and finally .... I am in Vietnam Pandanus Hotel.  It was worth to spend 1.5 days to get there where its nice and warm.  On the way to my hotel room i saw the crab crawling on the ground and thought that my dinner is coming to me itself :D
Its late night here and i wanted to go online and show u, guys, the Christmas tree and me wearing a really short dress, but somehow the adult sites are blocked  from here and ... well .. hope u gonna miss me!!!

Merry Christmas!

clock December 24, 2011 10:48 by author Shezel

Christmas Dream

clock December 9, 2011 10:39 by author Shezel

Christmas is coming and this time i have done something i have never done before!!! If you would like to get a SURPRISE from me on a Christmas night -  its a TIME TO RESERVE IT NOW! Up to 30 minutes long HD movie + 180+ HD pictures. ( what is inside - i will keep it a secret! ...) For ONLY 55$ !!  Please make sure to provide me with ur email address ( you can email it to me with a NOTE ( Christmas Dream) and i will send you the GIFT on a Christmas night!   



My 19 Birthday :D

clock December 3, 2011 04:32 by author Shezel

I been asked a lot how did i spend my Birthday, what i was doing, what i was wearing etc etc. And now i finally got some free minutes to tell you everything!
While i was in Prague I had a free hour before i had to leave for the airoport so i walked  a bit and seen this Italian shop. The storefront looked interesting and i thought i would come inside where i bought a lil dress BLACK NIGHT & DAY COLLECTION which i decided to wear to my Bday party.

In a company of my two best friends i turned my laptop on and all the fun has started! It was a nice cosy restaurant with a special private room, where we were all alone . I thought why don't I let some other guys see whats going on? .. and opened my cam... Boys on the other side of my laptop got all curious seeing me in public and i could not resist to flesh my tits and ass!!  Turning everyone on, fleshing, lifting my skirt up i noticed another camera up on the corner on the wall. Security guy was watching my naked ass! Damn.... But could i stop? I was too excited to stop! And both guys that were in the restaurant with me were hard as rocks!   Do i need to tell u how it ended up?  Taking my laptop and one of my friend to the bathroom i unzipped his pants.. and made him moan with my lips around his manhood... The other boy was patiently waiting for his turn...  That night i could compare the taste of the sperm of two healthy studs!  And some hours later got the best pussy licking I ever had!

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