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My first photo shooting in Prague

clock July 25, 2012 13:42 by author Shezel

Set the Torch on Fire

clock July 18, 2012 03:34 by author Shezel

Ignite your fantasies this summer!
Just a little note: I am traveling in the moment so i do not have tons of outfits, but i still took some with me, and instead of this i can offer u something different:
as i took my laptop,  i am now able to move anywhere I want!  So if u would like a bath show, or would like to come with me to balcony  or a kitchen - there is no problem! No more silly wires!
Also i am offering a show with my girlfriend who lives close to me, all we have to do  just set up a time.

And now Don't forget to check my Seductive Victor's gallery, Get into the competitive spirit, let's play and win!!





All sporty

clock July 11, 2012 17:24 by author Shezel

Hi guys and girls!
Well I woke up this morning, and realized i live in heaven now! I put my t-shirt and shorts on, called my girlfriend and we went jogging to the magnificient park thats right near my home. Awesome nature, crystal clear lake, hanging foliage and the birds singing their songs all day long.. How much i love it!!!




PS: Sure several bystanders stopped and drooled looking at us posing for the camera:)

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