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Gorgeous and unapproachable

clock November 18, 2013 09:49 by author Shezel

Beautiful and unapproachable she always drives men crazy and makes them shiver with strong desire. You feel irrepressible desire looking in her charming eyes… all your secret fantasies just fade in comparison with her stunning beauty. She attracts and promises heavenly great pleasure. She is a goddess… so desirable and so inaccessible..

Thank you!

clock November 17, 2013 21:59 by author Shezel
The full beaver moon party is over I just want to thank all my friends and fans who took a part and played the game with me. I am a fighter and never give up and your help was very important to me, so THANK YOU!  We started it  fine and finished with a victory! Love you all!


clock November 17, 2013 10:30 by author Shezel

As a perfect wine )

clock November 14, 2013 11:28 by author Shezel

There are two types of women. Ladies of the first type are charming and beautiful at age 20 but after 20 they start loosing their blush of youth, charm and get old with a certain speed. And there is another type that blossoms at age 30 and becomes more beautiful and elegant as a perfect wine. And people often say that I am definitely the second type of women.


clock November 13, 2013 20:03 by author Shezel

I know tomorrow, when i wake up you'll bring me back to # 1! Love you guys! Thank you for the night! And will be waiting for you to win together!

Gorgeous and unapproachable

clock November 13, 2013 17:57 by author Shezel

Irresistable Preview.mxf from Anastasia Star on Vimeo.

Backstage in Prague

clock November 10, 2013 16:09 by author Shezel

I  know you always expect something new from me and here is my latest backstage from the fashion photo shooting i just had in Prague. Stay turned for the real thing!

Weekends in Amsterdam

clock November 6, 2013 10:50 by author Shezel

Its a time for a news, i know you guys, been waiting, and here it comes.
I spent amazing weekends in Amsterdam.  The city is kind of crazy, but thats  what i like! I arrived at Friday night and actually the  first thing i saw there was a red light street with coffee shops, sex stores and all live sex shows that i could not resist) Seeing strangers making love right in front of my eyes was  quite  exciting, which made me go to the  sex store and buy a Pocket Rocket.. But this is another story. Wink

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