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clock November 15, 2015 17:49 by author Shezel


I just want to thank everyone who supported me during the  game,  you really showed me your love and generosity.

That was really  unexpected and surprising to see how much you care and thats made me feel so good.!

I ADORE you all, 

My friends,

My admirers

My cyber lovers,

My slaves

My bad boys

I am here  for you and its so amazing to feel LOVED !


Attention! Novermber is a special month! and NOVEMBER EVENT!

clock November 11, 2015 15:02 by author Shezel

Are you my admirer?
My friend?
My fan?
My slave?
My virtual lover?
Do you just think I am cute and its always cool to see what's going on in my life and that's why you like to visit my blog?
Well, if you are here now - you definitely belong to one of those listed above and this post is for you!!
November is always a special month for me, and now - and this one DOUBLES it!
Its CamContacts 15th Anniversary and My Birthday too! (NOVEMBER 28!)
I thought it would be great to combine the two events together, to give my fans a chance to prepare me for the celebration and then pay them back in return with something special!
CamContacts event promises to be quite generous! 
$150,000 in prizes
Daily awards for up to 40 winners
Grand Draw on Monday for a chance to win $20,000 in cash and prizes
Let us win together!
Event will take place from 12 to 15 of November. Everyone's invited!
The rules are quite simple, all we have to do is enjoy ourselves, open box and win gerat prizes!
What do you have to do to take a part in the event  and congratulate me ?
 It's simple:  Play with me the game as much as you can and win prizes!
I always give my love back to my fans and  THE ONE who plays the most and opens most boxes will get a special present from me!`
Have me as a Virtual gf for the whole December!
Take part in my life during the whole DECEMBER!
Get in contact with me via WhatsUp, Viber or Snapchat , where I will send you 1-5 pics every day of my personal life stuff!!  You will know how I live, how I spend time, how I work, how I wake up, how I take shower/ bath,  how I dress up, how I have fun and much more! Plus December promises to be one of the most interesting month in my life!  So have me as close as you have never had!
I  will update result every day, but won't publish any names! So you keep all the privacy!


I will publish final  result  November 16!

Special SHOWS  during the event!
- BATH SHOW (Worship Goddess in the hot bath with foam 
- SHAVING SHOW  ( be a good slave, shave my legs and pussy in the bath )
- KITCHEN SHOW  ( Cook for Goddess, feed Goddess)
- ICE CUBE SHOW ( I lock  you in the cage and tease you to heaven!)
- OIL SHOW  (Put an oil all over Goddess body!) 

First day results:
#1 H*******
#2 T*******
#3 S*******

Second day results:
#1 H*******
#2 T*******
#3 S*******

Third day results:
#1 H*******
#2 T*******
#3 S*******

 ~~~~~~FINAL RESULT~~~~~~
 My Lucky Winner

Meeting Mila Milan in Prague

clock November 11, 2015 14:42 by author Shezel
I spent fantastic day with fantastic model Mila Milan, who came to Prague for
business. We had  absolutely great time, i truly love this girl from the first
sight, she is an angel and i just cannot describe all the feelings i have for her :) 
I am very happy we got a chance to meet again and discuss  some business 
together for the future!
Stay tuned!

We Celebrated With Champagne!

clock November 5, 2015 16:26 by author Shezel

The Blondie Party

````>>> Repost from MV BLOG

Our Blondie Party in London was amazing!

Much love, thanks & appreciation to the MV girls who attended and made it all worth it: Candy CharmsMila MilanMiss Mikaela WittBella FrenchA_Normal_GirlShezel & Goddess Ishstar (who is not yet an MV girl, but we would love to welcome her), you guys rock!

Also, a big thank you to The Spearmint Rhino Gentlemans Club for allowing us to host our party at your wonderful venue. The enviroment was awesome & the girls were top notch.

It ended up being a great time for everyone and tons of fun. It was really cool for the girls to meet each other, talk & drink some champagne all while being surrounded by the Spearmint Rhino's stunning naked girls. Everyone had the chance to meet some cool fans & all in all, the party was a great success!

If you want to host a MV party, or organize an event like this in your area, we can help you get everything setup & running, just let us know! We love giving the MV girls a chance to link up with each other & join forces.


-MV Team

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