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Sinful bride

clock February 10, 2016 13:40 by author Shezel

Imagine that you're the best man on my wedding...

The ceremony is just a few minutes away. I pull on my stockings, comb my hair and fix my corset. All of a sudden the door opens slightly and I can see you savagely watching me with that hunger in your look that you know I can't resist. Our eyes meet and time no longer matters. I close my eyes and feel your warm lips touching me softly with tender kisses. Your strong arms wrap around my graceful hips and I nearly faint in your embrace... No... "Don't" is on my mind but passion turns into a volcano and I lose my mind.The ceremony begins. I gracefully pace towards the altar catching your barely smiling and winking look.


Summer secrets

clock October 22, 2014 12:58 by author Shezel

While my new Halloween pictures are getting ready i found some other set i never posted yet from my summer 2013:)  Enjoy and stay curious  how i am going to be dressed this Halloween! 

Vietnam, second day

clock December 27, 2011 12:50 by author Shezel

I finally got some sleep and the day was much brighter. In the morning i went to the swiming pool where i was enjoying the sun and warm water all day long. The ocean is 3 minutes away but it really looks dangerous, with very big and high waves, not as quite as in India, so i did not take a risk , but i might later.

In the evening i went to the city to see the sights and stoped in the nearest restaurant where i had a crocodile for the dinner. :D  Btw crocodile here is a local delicacy. According to zoologist crocodiles are never ill and their meat is very good for the health.
Going to sleep now, tomorrow is a new day, i am planning for some excursions and new impressions, which i am going to share with u!!

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