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Money Slave Can Never Stop!

clock November 30, 2017 17:58 by author Shezel

He just pressed one button, one single button and it was enough to take his breath away and make his heart die within him with over-excitement.

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Christmas Dream

clock November 29, 2017 12:16 by author Shezel

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Fetish Fantasie

clock November 21, 2017 12:36 by author Shezel

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Pin Up Passion

clock November 10, 2017 18:08 by author Shezel

With one glance at you  i will make u  kneel before me, expressing eagerness to do anything I want.



clock October 28, 2017 17:50 by author Shezel

You give in to my charm once again, being not able to resist me. Just look at me! Gorgeous breasts wrapped in leather corset, stockings, embracing my long slender legs, silver high heels and......


World full of slaves

clock October 5, 2017 17:01 by author Shezel

I am a Goddess and you perfectly know that you must fulfill every order I command and wish I have.

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Dominicana breeze

clock October 4, 2017 09:09 by author Shezel

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The seduction

clock September 11, 2017 16:32 by author Shezel

Her magical voice was tickling his mind and he felt he was giving in to her hypnotic charms, that were making him weaker and more obedient creature that was ready to do anything to please his goddess. Read more ---->

Ay Ay Captain

clock September 5, 2017 12:52 by author Shezel

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clock August 22, 2017 17:46 by author Shezel

Sophisticated and powerful, she always got what she wanted. And now she turned the key and smiled to the pleasant engine sound of her convertible, pushed the gas pedal, and headed towards the most expensive shops down town.

The story - He thought he could escape and lie low. Read more

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