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Sissy slut transformation

clock February 7, 2016 17:15 by author Shezel

I want to apply a mascara, make you wear a wig, lingerie,  heels and completely transform you into a sissy slut!

Tit puppet

clock February 5, 2016 07:36 by author Shezel

It's amazes me how you become at the mere glimpse of my big , so easily becoming my tit

Slave's taming

clock February 1, 2016 04:41 by author Shezel
I can easily tame predators with my incredible feminine power. I won't have any troubles taming a pathetic slave like you.

Hot days in a cold winter

clock January 24, 2016 09:47 by author Shezel

Thailand December 2015

clock January 22, 2016 13:45 by author Shezel

Banglaroad Thailand

clock January 18, 2016 05:18 by author Shezel

Another pic from holiday in Thailand . Enjoy!

The Winter Fairy Tale

clock January 13, 2016 03:42 by author Shezel

Hi there guys! I am sorry i been away for some time, but here i am back for you, with a lot of news and surprises for the coming 2016! I am not going to tell you everything in once, of course, i like to keep you curious and excited! In the New 2016 i am planning to add much more content to my web site.

-New pictures 2016 at least once a month,

-some oldies you never seen at least once 7-10 days,

- and videos, which you already liked so much. I am going to work on them a lot more, so stay tuned!

By chance i found this fairy tail video last nigth which was taken a while ago, and i really even forgot it existed! So i was excited to edit it and post it for you, so if you enjoy the little preview, go to my website and see the FULL erotic version ! Miss you all! ~~~~~Love, Shezel

Happy New 2016 Year!

clock December 27, 2015 04:00 by author Shezel

~~~ I wish all your dreams will come true in New 2016 Year !!! ~~~

Fountain show

clock December 14, 2015 04:03 by author Shezel

Its a time to tell you a bit about an amazing time i had in Thailand!

Walking at night i suddenly saw the fountain show!  Look how beautiful!

Flying Above The Jungle

clock December 11, 2015 02:36 by author Shezel

Anastasia (Flying Above The Jungle) from Anastasia on Vimeo.

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