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Her real name is Anastasia, but she is best-known as Shezel. She was born in Siberia. Her ancestors were of noble origin before the Civil War. Her great grandfather was a General serving his highness. The King later rewarded him with a gold sword. As you can see, noble blood is running in her veins.
She tried a number of occupations in her life – acting technique, dancing, model posing. She speaks fluently 4 languages: English, Russian, Czech and Arabic and currently lives in Europe. In 2013 she took part in a beauty and talent contest Miss Ural, and was bestowed the title of Miss Ural.

She's dreamt of a model career since the very childhood. She took part in numerous workshops and master classes featuring famous photographers Ronaldo Gomez, Andrew Rozumovskiy, Ruslan Lobanov. Apart from that she was a frequent participant of various photo contests, winning a number of prizes.

On moving to Europe she was lucky enough to participate in the Prague fashion photographer studio. In just a few days after Pavel Hejný published the first photoset, her professional model career began. Anastasia was photographed for fashion magazines, promoted wedding dresses collections, worked with brands like 2b Luxury, Aida, Nanay, Magie Sottero.
In 2014 she became the face of the Richmond brand.
Alongside this she became the face and hostess of Ural's biggest wedding exhibition.

She took part in photo sessions for a great many of fashionable magazines which include "Woman yesterday, today, tomorrow", "Wedding", Playboy, etc

In 2015 she was hosting a reality TV show on a popular russian channel

Apart from this Anastasia is a frequent participant of charity events.

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Shezel is an International Model, Fetish, Fashion, Glamour and Vintage Performer. She has appeared in magazines, social media & TV. An Actress, Show woman, Mrs Ural in 2013 & Multiple Awarded web cam Star.
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