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You're nervous. What were you thinking, agreeing to meet him? This could be a disaster. Worse, it could be dangerous. But, this was your idea after all. You convinced him to come to Europe.

You sit in the hotel room in downtown Paris, going over and over the events in your head. Well, you're not exactly sitting...sometimes sitting, sometimes pacing back and forth, and occasionally falling exasperated to the bed. You had suggested he look for a job in Europe, and he did exactly that, landing a job as American liaison to a major French bank. He told you the news, and you were ecstatic. And then a few weeks later, he emailed you that he was in Paris, and started work in a few days. He asked you to come see him. Your first instinct was 'no way in hell.' You should have listened. Then you thought, 'he's always been so nice' which was a strange thought considering all the kinky things he'd had you do over the years. And that was what did it...years. You'd known him longer than a bunch of your friends. And he had moved to Europe based upon something you said. So, you threw caution to the wind and agreed.

You had booked the hotel room because, reckless though this might be, there was no way you were going to meet him at his place. Crazy is one thing, but stupid is quite another.

Just as you think about getting right back on the train and going home, you hear a knock at the door. You know the answer before you ask the question.

"Who is it?"


You hesitate before walking to the door, but only for a moment. No backing out now. You open the door. In front of you stands a man, not much taller than you. He is handsome, but not beautiful. He looks younger than he told you he was, his dark hair showing only a single grey one. He had said he was out of shape, but overall, he wasn't in bad shape for a man in his mid 40's. And then there were his eyes, a soft dark brown that one second reflected golden in the light, and the next seemed dark as night. He had said his eyes were his best feature, and he was right. He wore a charcoal grey suit over a purple shirt (possibly silk). A black tie with silver accents was tied at his neck. The whole outfit looked brand new. New clothes for the new job.

You finish your assessment, and look back up into his eyes. He is giving you the same once-over. You had gone all out. In spite of your misgivings, you wanted to look good. You're wearing a black dress with gold accents in a swirling pattern. It comes to just below mid thigh. You're wearing black nylons ones, just for tonight. Stockings, thigh high, sheer...just the kind he likes. Now, why had you done that? You're meeting for drinks, that's all. He's not going to see that they're stockings.

He holds out his hand, and when you take it, he pulls you gently toward him, and kisses you lightly on either cheek. Not even a kiss really, barely more than a brush of the lips. You take a deep breath. He smells good.

"You look amazing," he tells you. Are you...are you blushing? No, certainly not. This man has seen you naked, doing very kinky things. Why would you blush at a kiss hello? And in thinking about the things you've done, you do start to blush. He's actually here. You focus your wandering attention back on him, and his eyes are lowered once again. You look down too.

In your pacing about the hotel room, you had kicked off your shoes. Three inch pumps and pacing do not mix. You think back to all the times he'd asked you to wear stockings without shoes. Sometimes he had you do things with the heels, but more often, he just liked to see your legs from hip to toe in nylon. He looks back up to you, and you see his dark eyes sparkling...alive with wicked thoughts.

You purse your lips, and utter a barely whispered "ooh," half anxious and half surprise...the sound itself, short though it is, is enough to acknowledge that you know this innocent meeting is not so innocent anymore. Your brain races backward, assessing your actions up to this point. You shouldn't have agreed to meet, but you did. You asked him to your hotel. You're supposed to be having drinks, but you didn't ask to meet him at the bar, but in your room. You put on nylons for him...stockings no less...and then came to the door in stocking feet. In retrospect, you realize that you knew all along that this was a possibility, and apparently did everything you could to make it happen. No, you think to yourself, you did not plan this. If this happens, it happens, but you did not plan this. You would find it easier to believe yourself if you were wearing panties.

"Lift it."

You jump as his words pull you from your thoughts. It takes you a second to understand what he's talking about. You feel your hands clutching your skirt, and almost reflexively, start sliding it up your legs.

"Keep going," he prompts you as you halt just before revealing your stocking tops. Well, hell, you've come this far. You start moving your hips slightly as you pull up one side of the dress while pulling down the other. You start rolling your hips. Bit by bit, you pull up the skirt of the dress until he can see the darker material of your stocking tops. He smiles as you raise it further, and he sees your pale skin above your stockings.

"You're mine," he says. You think about arguing, but you don't. He's right. You're his. You think about all the games you've played with him, and wonder which he will make you perform...for real this time. Will you let him do those things to you?


The Forest

You awaken…restless…You lie next to your boyfriend for a few moments, …you had hoped to make love to him tonight, but were disappointed when he fell asleep early. "I understand", you tell yourself…"He works hard all day long…". But, Now you feel that you cannot feel a craving unsatisfied...a desire for something more…something exciting…something is missing in your life…and you are going to find it… tonight!

You get out of bed and very quietly get dressed in the short white skirt and the top that barley covers your sweet, voluptuous breasts..your panties are missing , but you do not want to wake him, so you decide to leave without searching ..and you don’t feel like wearing them anyway…

…The air is warm and The full moon is bright as You start down the quiet, lonely road toward home..Just as you reach the fork in the road, You stop for a moment, deciding weather to take the long, brightly lit road to your right…or, the shorter path to the left… through the dark, unknown forest…
Something …a quiet voice from inside you..tells you to take the left fork…You are being drawn to the woods by something…something unknown..

"Strange…I have never even considered going this way before", you think to yourself. your heart begins to beat a little faster in response to the fear and excitement that you are beginning to feel as you take the first few steps toward the deep, dark woods…

afraid of might be waiting for you, yet excited to find out…You bravely decide that you are willing to give yourself to what ever waits for you there… in the darkness…

The darkness seems far away as you take the first few steps down the path…you feel the cool earth beneath your bare feet… your beautiful tanned legs shine in the moonlight from the oil u used at the beach earlier today…and it is so quiet…just a soft, warm breeze blowing through the trees.
you are completely alone....but, soon you feel another presence....
something ahead beckons you ....drawing you closer and closer to the dark woods…you hesitate for only a moment…"I should go back", you tell yourself…then, take one step ..then another…closer and closer to the unknown..

You’re surprised at how quickly you arrive at the edge of the dark woods…behind you is the dimly lit path….in front of you…total darkness,,,just the far distant light at the other end of the woods.

Now , you must decide…should you go foreword into the unknown…to the place where you are strangely being drawn...or turn and run back into the safety of the moonlight…
a few slow, cautious steps into the darkness and you stop again..knowing you have reached the point of no return..your heart is pounding feel incredible excitement…your nipples are erect…slowly, you lift your foot to take the one last step into the unknown…

As You go foreword, panic overcomes you…you spin around wildly to return to the safety of the moonlight..its only a few steps to make your start to run for your life, but its too late….


You are captured so quickly..It seems one hundred hands come form the darkness and grab every part of your body..stopping you dead in your tracks…pulling you back into the try to scream, but something covers your mouth before you can utter a wimper…The path disappears from beneath your feet as you are lifted high into the air…you are helpless, unable to escape…your long hair flowing behind ..your voluptious breasts thrust toward the tree tops as your struggling, helpless body is held high, and quickly, silently spirited off.. deep into the dark woods…

You soon feel yourself being lowered onto a huge fallen tree, something pulling your legs apart… your hands and feet at the same time being tied to strong limbs protruding from the log…your clothes being slowly stripped away by something unseen, leaving you bound hand and foot, naked and spread eagle on the massive fallen tree.

lying in the darkness...broken patches of moonlight shinning through the dark trees…the shadowy figures that have captured you moving quickly, excitedly , but quietly about.
you can see only their dark outlines as they surround you quiver uncontrollably as they begin to stroke and touch your naked, writhing, helpless body....slowly
their touch feeling like the leaves of the forest… softly stroking… tickling ..there must be one hundred of them now.
it si driving you mad with try....but you can't see them..slowly....gently stroking your arms...your legs...feet…everywhere..up your inner thigh...gently brushing your most tender flesh, sending shivers of pleasure through your young, nubile body…
again you feel the sensation..they can tell that you like it…so it becomes more frequent..
more intense
you feel a gentle sucking on your erect, pink flesh
now both are captured and sucked......
you moan as the stimulation grows in intensity
sucking harder now...
tickling you everywhere....
gently stroking your womanhood with a magical touch...
sending waves of euphoria through your body...
the sensations grow
and grow.....
stronger with each passing moment...
you feel yourself following their movement...
you ask yourself who or what ..has you…is doing this to about to bring you to the hardest orgasm of your are sooo hot now…you want to cum and end these crazy feelings...
you feel your muscles tighten..your back arches....suddenly....all of the shadows withdraw...
as a huge, dark figure seems to descend from above… lying on top of you....his arms surround you… you feel him trying to find you....His huge, hard manhood against your most tender place..trying to enter you…you are sooo hot, you cannot resist…you don’t want to resist….
..and in a moment...he is inside you… making love to you…. going deeper.. and deeper inside your belly…harder and harder… faster and faster he moves in you…
You are about to explode…your back arches…you scream with pleaseure and excitement…never have you felt a lover like this scream again as you cum as u never have before…after the long struggle….the sweet, delicious surrender… the orgasm lasts and lasts….sooooo long…so intense. … The juices flow from your body and are quickly licked off of you by unseen tongues….

Your eyes open…it is over...Your bonds have been removed….you are alone. you slowly get up and dress yourself… now the moon is full and the forest is lit by patches of bright moonlight… you walk down the path toward your home thinking to yourself....”I will come this way tomorrow night, too......”



Funny Dam

my gf got mad i was suppose to pick her up from work
but i was wackin off to you and i forgot :(


A fantasie from Dana

I could hear light moans coming from your room and I wanted to get a
closer look, catch you in the act of something naughty just so I could
take advantage. I made my way to your door, which was slighty open, and
peeked inside. What I saw made my mouth water.There you were, sprawled
out on your bed, masturbating to my picture on your computer screen.
left hand squeezing your breasts while your right hand rubbed your
I licked my lips as I observed your naughty actions and could feel a
tingle between my legs as I began to get moist. I didn't want to waste
any time, so I made my way slowly over to your bed. You didn't see me,
your eyes were closed and you were fantasizing about me. Little did you
know how real your dreams would become."Hi Anastasia."You looked
shocked and gasped as I caressed your hair and smiled brightly."(MY
NAME)? But....How did you..."I cut off your speech with a soft wet kiss
on your lips. You moaned ever so softly as my fingers danced down your
body and found your swollen clit, aching for my touch."Mmmphh..." you
muttered as I stroked your sensitive clit.Our lips meshed together as I
slid my fingers into your soaking wet pussy. Your moans grew louder as
finger fucked you and squeezed one of your breasts. I withdrew my finger
from your tight pussy and brought it to my lips. It tasted so good to me
baby, I knew I had to have more."Mmmm, Anastasia you taste so
I'm gonna have to eat you out babe." With that, I made way down to your
pussy and gently licked your pink lips. I parted your pussy with my
fingers and slid my tongue inside you, savoring your love juices. Then,
wrapped my lips around your pussy and sucked passionately, drawing even
louder moans from your hot mouth and causing your body to shake as
approached. As you came, I sucked and sucked until your cum was all over
my face and lips. Your scent filled the air and your sweet juices filled
my mouth, it was heaven.You nearly passed out from the pleasure, cum
dripping down your thighs and an blissful look on your face. I came up
kiss you, your face was flushed and your hair smelled so nice. Our lips
met again in a warm embrace as our hands explored each other's bodies.
You wanted to go down on me to return the favor but I pressed my finger
against your lips and told you to close your eyes. You obeyed me and as
your eyelids shut, I kissed you again, ever so passionately. "Susie,
you are the best baby, please let me taste you..." you begged as you
opened your eyes but I was gone. As you lay there wondering what had
happened, you felt the warmth between your legs and smiled. You didn't
care if it was only a dream, I would always be there when you closed
your eyes...

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