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My angel

What is the best modeling job you have done in tha pass year? I was thinking about you my angle and how you look when you are modeling and how my angle feels when she modeling what are your likes and dislike in this field my angle?

I was modeling  lingerie for some shop catalogues, it was ages ago.  But the best was work with photographer  who made a calendar for me ( u can see the pics bellow). I like everything about modeling! I will be posting some of my old pictures  a bit later so u will be able to see :)


Would you please dress up with a Dominatrix look in tight soft lid leather micro mini slit side skirt, garter belt and hose, corset with open nipple breast cups, choker, shoulder high opera gloves, thigh high 6" stiletto heel boots, and a HUGE strapon harnesed to your crotch , smoking a cigarette nd directing as I back my tight hungry ass hole onto the cock so you can fuck me to bliss, by pounding me hardd and unmercifully like the cheapest hunk of meat in a butcher shop, all in front of your cam or some audience?

Any Time!


What was your childhood like?

I was happy girl with lots of energy, very noisy , smart and sportive. I think my parents were proud of me  



Before becoming a web cam star, how would you describe yourself? What did you do?


 I was dancing in professional show ballet. We had tour all over the country and sometimes aboard with our programm. It was amazing .


I found a picture for you.








What would we see you doing in your free time? Tell us a bit about your personal interests or talents.


 Well. I am  very busy girl and have no free time almost. But if i get free moments i love to go for sport, run, study foregn languages, read books, travel, go out to a restaurant & enjoy a good food, or just walk. Love nature, forests, mountains, exotic places.



What kind of music do you like? What’s the best concert you ever saw?

It always depends of my mood. I love good trance music,  late evenings I prefer something quite like chill out music, Enigma. The best club I ever visited was Privelege (Ibiza) , Armin Van Buuren was playing. It was wild!



Do you travel a lot? What’s the best vacation you ever took?


I love to travel and do it as often as i can.  Love to learn  the culture and explore another countries. I loved Paris, it  has some great places..  Moulen Rouge,  Lido, oh yes! Ful'es Pigal! ;) Spain was  pretty cool,, no time to sleep though  just clubbing!:) Loved India and Dominicana. Everywhere i go i try to have fun. So loved it almost everywhere.



How does it make you feel knowing people all over the planet want to see you?



When you meet someone that catches your attention, how do you let them know you are interested?

By eyes contact!  My  big eyes talk!!!


Do you have any friends who are chathosts?

Yes I have a lot of friends who are chat hosts. We often hung out and talk or go somewhere together


Would you ever date any of your fans  if you thought he or she was your perfect match?

Yes I would



What words of wisdom do you live by?

The funniest wish is a wish to be liked by everybody. Goethe

To wish is not enough, it is necessary to act.- Goethe

Nothing is worth more than this day.- Goethe



Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest.- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Shezel is an International Model, Fetish, Fashion, Glamour and Vintage Performer. She has appeared in magazines, social media & TV. An Actress, Show woman, Mrs Ural in 2013 & Multiple Awarded web cam Star.
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