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January, 2021

Thinadhoo, Maldives

August, 2019

Lloret De Mar, Spain



August, 2019

Malta, Spain



July, 2018

Tunisia, Hammamet

 It was really amazing holiday in Tunisia.

Hammamet definitely worth to pay a visit and  explore the nature and the country tradition!


June, 2018

Austria, Vienna

Exploring Vienna



May, 2018

Romania, Buharest

 Bucharest Summit 2018


March, 2018

Portugal, Estoril

    Truly one of the best vacations. Pleasurable and useful.  I was happy to take a part in The European Summit in Lisbon and spend fantastic time with Goddess Ishtar.


August, 2016

USA, New-York

3 amazing months in USA made me totally change my opinion about this country and people. Not just my opinion was changed but my whole life !


November, 2015

Thailand, Phuket

Thailand is a wonderful country. Once you find yourself in this country you really feel as if you are Alice in wonderland since there is so many incredible an breathtaking things around!

Fascinating locations, empty beaches, noisy streets full of lady-boys with all kinds of entertainment! It was one of the best holidays I have ever had!



October, 2015
UK, London

London - the noisy capital I fell in love with the very first sight. The buildings, the architecture, the people, there is definitely  something sublime about this city. Something that lures me in again and again and I will surely come back here one day!

June, 2015

 Morocco, Agadir

I enjoy exploring new countries, get to know their culture, traditions and compare them to something I know. I must say that I particularly like countries that  tourists rarely visit, here belong Turkey, Egypt and Thailand - the countries that you seem to know quite a lot about but nothing in details. Morocco is a marvelous place with its special energy, traditions and customs. I feel like exploring every corner of it, walk along the ocean shore at sunset and greet dawns. The next day when you thought you saw everything you come to find something new. It is amazing!

January, 2015

   Russia, Ekaterinburg

The coldest month of the year was spent in Russia, where I took part in the reality show as one of the hosts, a sex coach, men and women relations' expert. I was lucky enough to meet a lot of interesting people, producers, designers, etc. I had so much fun! The show aired on TV in March 2015.


 Wednesday, October 1st, 2014
As you already know, i love Italy too much, and it is my very favorite place to go. This was my second time visiting beautiful Verona, where I had photo-shooting, was working with famous italian stylists and fashion photographers and had really amazing time! After hard working day me and my friends visited restaurant where i had very well cooked horse meat. I usually not fan of any kind of meat, but it was really delicious! You can check my backstage here . Originals will be coming. 

August, 2014
Cyprus, Larnaka

Sea, sun and hot sand ! Cyprus is a must visit place for any traveler !
The long-awaited meeting with friends, dinners by the sea, freshly cooked sea delicacies, indescribably warm evenings and beautiful moon, sweet cool ice-cream on a hot day, a visit to a winery, a photo session, a trip to the waterfall, a walk across the lovers' bridge, a wonderful day spent at the aqua park ! And lots of adventures happen in a week of rest that is not enough space to describe)

July, 2014

 Norway, Bodo

Bodo is unquestionably the most peaceful place on Earth. It looks as if people live calm life knowing what to expect from tomorrow. Some may consider it boring, some may say that its just what they want. And for a traveler like me it was a great place where to spend a few days admiring the picturesque nature far from from the outside world .
And just one more thing ... I can't but point out that people in Norway are very special. they might be similar to my mentality or something but I always feel very comfortable in this environment!

May, 2014
Israel, Tel-Aviv
Tel-Aviv  is amazingly beautiful city! Every day I discovered more of its attractions. I still can't forget taste of the magnificent mint tea, jogging along the beach in the morning ( they are a very athletic nation I must say! I was amazed at the flawless figures of boys and girls!) Absolutely stunning nature and streets, I even managed to find my street - the street of Archer (Saggitarius) ! And that photo session we made at 4 am in the ice cold water! Jerusalem with its amazing ancient buildings, Yafo with its gates of desire, romantic sunsets, the Dead Sea , Bahai Gardens, Caesarea.  

May, 2014
Georgia, Tbilisi

A trip I took to the hospitable Tbilisi can be described with the "wonderful". I went there to take part in the charitable fashion show organized by Tinatin to support children with oncology. Alongside this I gave a TV interview for the local channel. The sunny Georgia made me happy with the wonderful weather, rich tables full of various dishes and of course the never ending warm attitude!

April, 2014
Italy, Sicily
Sicily, oh Sicily! Viva Italia!
A place of real pizza and real mob!
Yeap! It is here that I felt real excitement, thirst for adventures and desire to see everything, everywhere! I adore this undoubtedly extremely beautiful place and I will inevitably come back here one day!


November, 2013
Sri-Lanka, Negombo 
Sri Lanka's wildlife is simply amazing ! 10 hours flight and finally humid climate hits my face. Elephants, monkeys, palm trees, crocodiles. Giant tortoises, fresh teas, it is nothing but palm paradise! Royal Botanic Gardens, wild island, fish pedicure and much more exciting experience!

November, 2013
Netherlands, Amsterdam
There is no crazier country than Netherlands! All the fun I had there was just intense! The hotel I stayed in was very close to Red Light Street. All those stores, sexy leather outfits and toys in the windows! And those sexy girls!  Absolutely magnificent sex shows and totally crazy bars!  If you want to have real fun - Visit Amsterdam! :)

July, 2013
Italy, Rimini

Italy is my favorite country and Rimini is fantastic touristic zone to have rest, to go for a swim in the sea, to take sunbaths, to forget all the problems and just give yourself to the warm sun and the fantastic weather. I had amazing time with my friend there visiting many interesting and beautiful places, castles, St Marino, and of course, best restaurants and shopping!

June, 2013
Italy, Verona


Verona is a part of my dream land ))  Beautiful nature,  fantastic hotels, swimming pools, warm evenings, sea food,  Gardaland is a lot of fun for adults as well! I even visited safari and  came to as close as a few meters away from tigers and lions ) I love Italy!!


October, 2012
 Italy,  Pioraco

I was contacted by video producer John Toda who invited me to Italy  for video/photo shooting for his website.
We worked every day during the week, I had a lot of images including livedoll, nun,  peper girl , dominatrix in latex  etc.John is a true professional and a great guy! It was a real pleasure to work with him. You are welcome to enjoy the result of our work.

December, 2011
 Vietnam is a country full of surprises! Wild ocean looks so dangerous and tempting, deserts look endless, food is crazy! All those frogs and snakes ! And of course unforgettable four-hand relaxing massage performed by a couple of handsome young guys!

January, 2011
Dominican Republic
  No beauty can describe the beauty of Dominican Republic! On stepping off the plane you immediately feel the pleasantness of humid climate which surrounds you! There is no way you can count the number of my adventures in this country of smiles and joy! Bachata dancing all night long with breathtaking black handsome fellows, warm ocean full of surprises, Bounty Island, with its wildlife, fresh coconut milk, Santo Domingo, with all its beauty and wilderness, flying on a private taking as many as 6 people on board to the extraordinary beauty of the waterfall, traveling horseback and simply unforgettable sight of the whales splashing just a few meters away from me! 

August, 2010
Ukraine, Kazantip

Kazantip is one of the craziest places in the world!   So please, do not ask me now why I do not party!  I've been to all of the  craziest places during my life and the experience I got was more than enough!  But above all, I can say that Ukraine is a beautiful place, and the black sea is amazing! It's a pity that political situation all over the world destroys the spirit of fun.

February, 2010
Czech Republic, Prague

2010 was the year of my very first visit to Prague. It is and old city with majestic and I'm sure it can amaze absolutely anyone. You feel calm, peaceful here. Anyone can find the unexceptional beauty of the age-old hotels and streets. Lots of fascinating Museums to see! And absolutely mad night life! There's everything to see in Prague. )  


January, 2010
India, Goa
That was definitely one of the most interesting trips that I have ever had. Goa - is a must see place, India is a very special country! The spirit of it, its people. It's totally another world with unbelievable attitude to the world and its understanding...
 August, 2007
Spain, Ibiza
Spain is absolutely a hot place to be. Especially if we talk about Ibiza. In hot places like this all men seem to be hot an caring for the long legged blondies.I received lots of attention and excited whistling every time I took a walk alone in the city. Awesome parties with Armin van Buuren the most popular dj, hot sun and trully the most beautiful sea in the world. And you should not forget the outstanding Formentera island wild beach.
December 2004 - January 2005
France, Paris
 I spent New Year's eve in France, Paris. It was amazing time of a Year. The spirit of celebration was everywhere! I was walking a lot , seeing beautiful sights, doing a lot of lingerie shopping, visited Moulin Rouge, Lido, crazy Folies Pigalle, that's where I met a lot of trannies)) and of course had fantastic new year party at l'etoile club. By the end of the party I found myself kissing a girl from Boston ) Not sure how it has happened. Probably too much of champagne )
August, 2004
Greece, Athens
Getting back to the 2004 summer vacation in Greece... it was great! The weather was amazing, the palms, the sea, the sun, it was so clean everywhere! It was a bit difficult to get to Greece this time because of the Olympic games, but fortunately I got there! It is a fantastic country! I would love to come back.
 October, 1999
Turkey, Antakya  
 It was one of those crazy days when my best female friend and I were partying. A sudden idea made our blond minds excited with anxiety! We decided to go to Turkey the very next morning! We spent 4 fantastic days in this beautiful city ,walking and spectating beautiful places around, visiting fancy restaurants, tasting  traditional Turkish cuisine and learning a bit of traditions and culture during the day and visiting bars and  clubs during the night time.
July, 1997
  They call it "Second Paris" and they are absolutely right! Amazing city with a lot of cultural and historical places to see! Very hospitable people, blonde-loving guys :D Only sweetest memories, too bad my trip was really short!

      August, 1995
   My first ever trip abroad was to the Western Asia, where I could see all the exotic places, different culture and traditions. I visited 3 countries during my trip  and found people to be so friendly and hospitable there, i really loved the time spent on my trip.  Now it is really sad to hear about the wars and devastation in some of those regions. Click here to see more.

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