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Now Here is so much fun for you, My slaves to go thru my Wish list and purchase some cute little things for me. Take a look.   Maybe you want to get me a pair of sexy high heels, or some make-up,  so apply it every day to look even more stunning. Or maybe new lingerie to wrap on My Goddess body? Jewelry, new bag, or sunglasses?  Or a pair of new nylons. If you doubt what to send -  Go for a gift card.
Yes, Yes! cash is sexy!
But.. did u have a proper look? Now you know me more. You know My taste. You know what  I like.
Now can you just imagine how it's going to make u feel see me wearing lingerie u purchase?
Or thinking  I will be wearing the dress u got me for a date? Can you picture it?
It's probably got you rock hard already.


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    Best way to spoil your Goddess.I get 100% of your money and will buy anything I want. Gift card should  be sent to                                 





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You are able to send from 10$ coctail to 10 000$ Diamond.

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 In case you want to send Me Gifts, My sizes are:


Panty:  S
Bust: 34D
Waist: 24
Hips:   32
Heels: 39 IT
Dress:  US4, IT 42
Latex: custom

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Shezel is an International Model, Fetish, Fashion, Glamour and Vintage Performer. She has appeared in magazines, social media & TV. An Actress, Show woman, Mrs Ural in 2013 & Multiple Awarded web cam Star.
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