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Crazy Night Out at a Gay Club

clock November 13, 2010 00:00 by author Shezel


OK, that was one of my craziest night out!!!

I went there with my friend who is a gay, he actually invited me.. I been to those kind of parties  in Paris and in Ibiza, but never went to a gay party at my city.. OMG How  fantastic it was!!!

There was  an amazing performance of famous tranny Zaza Napoli. Her jokes  made me laugh the whole evening! ..

The club was not too big, of course it was also private, only ‘special people’ were allowed to enter there. And I was so happy to be there. In a moment  I got lost and could not understand where were boys and where were the girls!  Guys were wearing  leggings, high heels, some had make up on and girls just looked like boys.

When I just entered, I saw 2 young hot boys in strings caressing and kissing each other in front of everyone… DAMN… That got my panties all wet.. Their tongues were moving so sexily… I can’t forget it!

After Zaza’s show I hit  the dance floor where  I got an  attention of two hot boys who joined me there immediately . One was facing me and other was flirting behind me, touchin


g my ass and moving to the beat of music with me. I think it looked like a threesomes on the dance floor. .. During this hot dance action I moved their faces to each other expecting them to kiss in front of me… but got disappointed. Guys told me they were “naturals” , just looking for group sex.  Hmmm.. I really thought it is not fun when boys are not bi and pretended to be a lesbian. :D , so they just danced and left with regret.

And I kept dancing all night long catching a glimpse of those hot gay boys..


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