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New votes!

clock March 23, 2013 10:45 by author Shezel

Hi guys!

Please support me in this contest with ur  votes!

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Forbidden Love

clock March 20, 2013 14:04 by author Shezel

I have not danced for 15 years, i am not sure how i done it! But it was a dance of my soul....  and it was beautiful ! Enjoy!

Another Short Performance

clock March 20, 2013 13:04 by author Shezel

Candy man

clock March 20, 2013 12:01 by author Shezel

Start of the show)

on TV

clock March 18, 2013 03:00 by author Shezel

I was shown on TV channel,  a part of my beautiful  dance on 01:03 min,  0:27 also me:)

Missis Ural 2013

clock March 17, 2013 13:29 by author Shezel

I want  to thank everyone  once again for the votes and support during the contest. And I am happy and proud to bear the title Missis Ural 2013.

More About the contest

clock March 16, 2013 11:53 by author Shezel

So, I want to tell you more detail about the contest. During that month I spend there I learned a lot of useful things. For example I learned easy graceful step and also I learned how to show, introduce and behave myself before audience. I learned to smile, to choose right clothes but the main thing is that I learned to respect, to love and to think much of myself. And my self-appraisal grew very much. I became a Lady. And I have no regrets that I participated in that contest. What a pity that I was a little late for the contest preparing. I started only in a week after all girls had already been working over themselves. But I am happy that I had a chance to pass through that great school of life. I am not going to stop in perfecting myself and I am always going to be womanly and luxurious lady!

And here are some more pictures for you that were taking during last month)                                    

Forbidden Love

clock March 14, 2013 00:15 by author Shezel

The priest was celebrating the church service when she came in. She was very charming and he fell in love from the first sight. Her long silk hair, her deep blue eyes and heavenly perfect lines of her body excited his mind and the thoughts that were buried at his heart for a long time suddenly awaked.

It seemed that he never saw the woman more beautiful than that one.

It was ordinary Sunday when she came to pray. But since their eyes met at that first time she started visiting church more often.

His dark eyes and long combed back hair fired her imagination. She wanted to pass her hand caressingly over his hair and wanted to touch his lips.

He understood that it was impossible but she was so beautiful. He longed for her and he tried to resist because he couldn’t do that. Her sexuality drove him crazy. This luxurious lady was very persistent person and he almost gave in and finally surrendered to her carnal love. He became a single whole with her. He was seized by love and passion because forbidden fruit is sweet.
Love... Passion… His religion and faith... He will pray… pray for her and for himself. But...He has to go and serve God…


It was my short story. It was a beautiful dance of two people who want to be together but they can’t… And never can.


The Finale Show - Performing with other girls

clock March 12, 2013 13:28 by author Shezel

The End

clock March 11, 2013 12:59 by author Shezel

Ok guys, contest is finished, I had so many new feelings and emotions, and... Suddenly I understood that nothing happens without a reason. I understood why I took part in it though I was sure that all crowns were sold out. It was one step forward, some offline experience – getting to know some amazing successful women, learning from them, finding new ideas, meaning of life. I had global changes in my mind. That might surprise you. But now I am pretty sure – I want to change myself. I’ve already changed. I will improve because everyone always should perfect him or herself and go forward. There is no limit to perfection. I will be spending more time in my blog sharing my thoughts with you. You saw enough of my body, now, if you want to look into my soul – it's just the time for it. Ask me questions and I’ll answer... I’m really sure that during this contest I done the impossible. I surprised a lot of my friends, made some of them proud of me and made some of them envy. They knew me well so they expected me come to the middle of the scene and expected that I would show my sexuality, doing sexy dancing. But I did everything the other way. I worked really hard on my personal performance. My body and muscles remembered all motions I done over 20 years ago!!! So my dance wasn’t just sexy, it was gracious and professional. It was beautiful. It was a dance of my soul. I danced what I felt in that moment of my life. You will see it soon. I hope you will enjoy my dance and my new world. I am throwing away all old and useless things. And I open my heart for new and wonderful things. I hope you will love new me and stay in my new world.

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