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Naughty Easter Bunny

clock March 25, 2016 16:56 by author Shezel

Easter has never been this fun! Meet the playful bunny - pretty, slender, sexy, perfect! Every man wishes to have this kind of bunny at his Easter table. However not many can afford to have one! Feast your eyes upon this bunny, feel charmed, feel your mouth watering and make sure to enjoy! Happy Easter! 


Lady Boss

clock October 2, 2015 20:27 by author Shezel

Under arrest

clock November 7, 2014 11:04 by author Shezel

Halloween is coming! I am ready, what about you?

clock October 29, 2014 15:56 by author Shezel

Personal forum

clock August 29, 2014 17:53 by author Shezel

I want to welcome you to my personal forum! I would really love to know your opinion about my styles and looks,  what do you think about my work and new images! Please  feel free to share your thoughts and desires and i will keep  it mind for my future work and photo shooting! Thank and love you, guys! 

A Cover

clock September 23, 2011 04:14 by author Shezel

Last night one guy in my chat asked me how did i get on the Cover of web site.  I was not sure what was he talking about and asked for a link. Indeed, it was me on the Cover one of Cam Contatcs partner site. I like the picture! Do you?


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