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clock January 26, 2017 11:56 by author Shezel

Into The Future

clock December 22, 2016 13:05 by author Shezel

Shezel Into The Future from Anastasia on Vimeo.

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One day in Prague

clock November 9, 2016 15:01 by author Shezel


clock August 2, 2016 22:07 by author Shezel

Pregnant Goddess

clock July 5, 2016 10:01 by author Shezel

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Preggo Goddess from Anastasia on Vimeo.

Miss Red Riding Hood & Ebony Surprise

clock May 11, 2016 15:37 by author Shezel

Once upon a time there was a cute girl with curly blond hair. Everyone who saw her long perfect legs in white stockings fell in love with her at once. So she had scores of fans who had a crush on her and often gave her various xxx gifts and sexy clothes. Once her young lovers gave her a sexy black bikini and little riding hood made of red silk. Because all that sexy clothing suited her so well, and she wanted to wear it everyday, her fans came to call her Miss Red Riding Hood. One day she got a gift from one of her fans in Africa. It was a little basket with flowers and love letter that said, "Red Riding Hood will love my ebony toy!" She thought to herself, "What is that?" Then she decided to go see her grandma and take the basket with her. The grandma lived somewhere in the forest, a half hour from the village. When Miss Red Riding Hood entered the forest she was bursting with curiosity to see what lay on the bottom of the little basket. She stopped and sat on stump. To her surprise she discovered it was a 8 inches black dildo toy! She said, “Ohhh!” She felt she was getting so horny that she immediately took off her black lingerie be continued.


Pin Up Craze

clock May 7, 2016 14:17 by author Shezel

Glossy Seduction

clock May 1, 2016 11:24 by author Shezel

Prague - Spontaneous Photos

clock April 29, 2016 13:05 by author Shezel


clock April 11, 2016 14:01 by author Shezel

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